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Schedule A (Form 940)

If you are an employer and you paid wages in more than one state you will have to fill out Schedule A (Form 910).  You simply check the box next to each state in which you paid wages.  It’s quite simple unless you paid wages in a Credit Reduction State. If you look at Schedule A (Form 910) you’ll see each state listed, with three boxes after each state.  The… Read Article →

What is the IRS Form 940?

Who Has to file the irs form 940? The IRS form 940 is a required form for any business that has employees.  If you own a business and you pay wages to your employees then you have to file IRS form 940 once a year.  That goes for people who hire domestic help as well (people who work in your home).  If a college club, sorority, fraternity or any other… Read Article →